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Primary Care


Primary care is your main source for health services. It's where you go for regular health check-ups, when you're feeling ill, or when you have health ongoing concerns. Your primary care provider knows your health history, which helps them catch any new or changing health issues early. They take care of most of your health needs, like treating common illnesses, managing ongoing conditions, and preventing future health problems. Think of your primary care provider as your personal health coach, helping you navigate all aspects of health and wellness. Examples of primary care include family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics and women’s health.

Services include:

  • Annual physical exams and wellness checks

  • Management of chronic diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes

  • Refills

  • Illnesses and injuries

  • Health education and counseling

  • Coordinating your care with specialists

Frequently Asked Questions

Adult Primary Care includes comprehensive health services such as annual physical exams, management of chronic conditions (like hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease), acute illness care, preventive health screenings, vaccinations, lifestyle counseling, and coordination of care with specialists as needed.

You can choose a primary care provider based on your health needs, provider expertise, and personal preferences. We recommend reviewing our providers’ profiles on our website or contacting our office for assistance in selecting a provider who is right for you.

Yes, we strive to accommodate urgent health issues by offering same-day appointments when possible. However, for emergencies, please visit the nearest emergency room or call emergency services.

For your first appointment, please bring a photo ID, your insurance card, a list of any medications you are currently taking, any medical records you can provide, and a list of questions or concerns you may have.

The frequency of visits to your primary care provider depends on your age, health status, and chronic conditions. Generally, an annual wellness visit is recommended for preventive care, but more frequent visits may be necessary for managing chronic conditions or acute issues.

Yes, we offer telehealth appointments for certain types of visits, including follow-up appointments, medication management, and some acute care needs. Please contact our office to determine if a telehealth appointment is appropriate for your situation.

You can access your medical records through our secure patient portal. If you need assistance setting up your account or accessing your records, please contact our office.