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MY DR NOW Will Buy Your Medical Practice

Are You Considering Selling Your Practice? Start A Conversation Today!
Whether you’re wanting to sell your practice and slow down, retire, alleviate the administrative responsibilities of practice ownership, or monetize your current investment by obtaining equity in a larger company, MY DR NOW will work with you to find a solution that suits all your goals. Our acquisition process provides a comprehensive financial plan and a projected road map to fulfill all your objectives. If you already have an acquisition offer on the table, we can provide you with a competitive, fast, and non-binding evaluation without disrupting your current deal momentum.

The Benefits of Choosing MY DR NOW

  • Higher Appraisal of Your Business

    Avoid conflicting interpretations of the appraisal of your business. Oftentimes, a third-party acquirer will lead the process with a higher valuation with the sole goal of obtaining a signed Letter of Intent only to lower the purchase price before closing; this process is called re-trade. At MY DR NOW, we value your time as well as ours and pride ourselves in conducting our business fairly and honestly. We promise to be upfront about the valuation process of your medical practice from the beginning with no surprises at the time of closing.
  • We Give You Option Choices

    Are you considering keeping a portion of your practice? Perhaps you would like to stay onboard as an employed physician, independent contractor, medical director, or equity partner. Maybe you’d just like to move on to do something else—this is entirely your choice! When deciding how to move forward with the sale of your business, MY DR NOW promises to be flexible in our approach in order to fulfill your needs. We’ll discuss all options with you before any concrete decisions are made between both parties.
  • Our Discretion & Confidentiality Is Guaranteed

    During our evaluation of your business, we will have to assess internal and sensitive information. As a business, MY DR NOW understands the importance of protecting your privacy as it is critical to your business. Our process will in no way disrupt your business—this is a guarantee!
  • Protecting Your Business’ Legacy

    You’ve worked hard to build a great medical practice. We don’t want to rob your business of its legacy and its success. During our transaction process, ensuring your legacy and reputation is a key component of.
  • MY DR NOW Ensures Compliance

    This is very important to us at MY DR NOW. Whether it is the State Medical Board or other regulatory bodies, we believe that compliance is crucial and we will navigate thoughtfully in order to avoid all potential pitfalls, mitigate liability, and ensure compliance every step of the way.
  • Speed of Transaction

    Sustaining momentum is a key component of closing your deal and funding your transaction. As a privately-owned organization we cut out the middlemen and avoid bureaucracy in order to expedite the process.

Current Medical Practices Wanted—Contact Us, Today!

MY DR NOW specializes in primary healthcare, immediate care, after-hours care, virtual video visit consultations, and house calls. Currently, we are considering all types of medical practices. With locations all over Arizona, we mainly concentrate on the types of practices mentioned below, but if you would like to schedule an appointment to consult with us please send us an e-mail. We hope to hear from you today!